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The company’s strong and trustworthy brand

Hongbao Gas assists with high-pressure compressors of famous German brands and specializes in R&D, production and sales of high-pressure compressors and auxiliary gas auxiliary injection equipment. The company currently has extensive experience in high-pressure compressed gas control and gas-assisted injection molding. And technology, the development of gas-assisted products and gas-assisted products injection debugging technology is very strong.


Perfect quality assurance

Hongbao has obtained a utility model patent certificate, and the European Union CE certification products, to the customer's quality and quality service integrity.


Strong technical team

To provide customers with gas-assisted products in the early development, gas-assisted technical guidance, operator technical training, gas-assisted equipment trial rental, such as one-stop service, to undertake the German BAUER high-pressure compressor maintenance and spare parts business.


Perfect after-sales service system

Factory direct sales is the customer to get real equipment and after-sales service, technical support, to solve the customer's worries and sincere cooperation with new and old customers and common development, welcome to inquire and negotiate.

About Us

  Hongbao Gas Auxiliary Based on high-pressure compressors of well-known German brands, it specializes in R&D, production and sales of high pressure compressors and auxiliary gas auxiliary injection molding equipment. The company currently has extensive experience and technology in the high pressure compressed gas control and gas assisted injection molding industry. The development of gas-assisted products and injection molding and debugging technologies for gas-assisted products are very strong. Since its establishment, the company has continuously improved the performance of the equipment on the basis of its originality, and has the courage to innovate, and the product has been upgraded and replaced quickly.

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How to improve the life of the compresso


A: In general, compressor air cutting is an important component. It is also a fragile part. The life of gas cutting is usually


How does the compressor crankshaft crack


Crankshaft cracks often occur at the crankshaft and crankshaft and crankshaft and main journal junction (dangerous section). A repair shop with better equipment conditions is inspected with


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